MErķeļa 7. Where I am with me 7 days a week...

Let the space evolve around you. Like the space of your new ME7 apartment – organized to please and comfort you. The light, proportions, the way doors open, spaces for furniture and lines of sight: it’s a complex choreography with one aim. This aim is you.

Let it extend! The whole ME7 building is measured and configured for you: the perfect height of steps, the guiding light of chandeliers in the lobby, the consoling silence of thick walls and calm rustle of leaves in the green yard. This house is gently embracing you. 

Now, let’s take a walk outside. Standing in front of ME7 you will see how whole city is organized around you: the closeness of parks and all kinds of transportation, cinema on the left and opera on the right, all those shops and restaurants waiting for. Place yourself in ME7 apartment. And let the space evolve around you.

Would you like to live here? Please, choose the most suitable 84 studios of ME7 for the best version of yourself. Designed in the 19th century by the first Latvian professional architect J.F. Baumann, the building is an immanent classic. Now its ready for the second life as cutting edge contemporary habitat.  

In order to become ME7, all apartments underwent ergonomic re-planning: flows of light and air are organized and spaces optimized for you to feel good here seven days a week. If something still bothers you, feel free to put in individual storage space in basement. 

No one knows the exact details of your perfect interior for your ME7 apartment; hence we are selling them without final finish. The sale starts in autumn of 2019. Come and see which apartment says to you “its ME!”


Свяжитесь с нашим менеджером по продажам:

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